Why Medlinks Staffing

Medlinks Staffing has a philosophy of matching employers and staff with the right person with the right PAY RATE. While other factors are important, the bottom line is your looking for a job that will pay the bills. If that issue is not addressed, many of the other important factors will not matter. In the staffing industry, there are many factors to consider making a profit but companies that don’t see you as a person with needs will, in turn, offer you a pay rate that is at the bottom of their ability to get candidates. We believe this is short sided and starts the relationship with you and the employer at a severe disadvantage. When you take a job that won’t pay the bills, your unhappy. When your stressed and unhappy, you can’t perform well. This results in poor performance, a disgruntled demeanor, a poor representation of Medlinks Staffing, you look for a job while trying to work and so on.

In the staffing game, we are essentially all drawing talent from the same well. We’re all using “sources” online and databases of stored talent to provide the employer with the best talent. A willingness to increase your pay and reduce our profit is the only unique tool that can be applied. Why Medlinks Staffing is a matter of integrity for us. It’s because you matter.