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The American healthcare industry is facing a crisis of the century for two reasons, primarily. First, the progressive and massive surge in medical costs, which has made receiving care difficult for people with low income. Second, the shortage of skilled healthcare professionals and employment opportunities in the industry, which has created a gap between patients and care. The upsurge in medical costs coupled with the failure to provide care to the majority of the US population has crushed the backbone of the American medical culture that was once the major source of inspiration for other democracies.

Experts believe that both reasons — rising medical costs and the shortage of skill and employment — are interlinked and can be eradicated, if we pay some attention to the latter. By supplying the industry with skilled talent and creating more job opportunities, the medical cost can be brought down, enabling more and more people to get the required treatment and lead a healthy life. And this is where Medlinks Staffing, LLC. comes into the game, bridging the gap between the supply and demand of healthcare talent.

We are a reputable and reliable permanent as well as a temporary medical staffing agency in the USA that strives to help healthcare facilities find the right talent to meet their staffing needs. For job seekers looking to kick start or grow their medical career, we help them find the best jobs that not only enable them to contribute to the US healthcare sector but also offer them work-life balance and higher pay.

How we help US healthcare professionals find the best job?

As a temporary employment service in the US, we provide a variety of jobs in reputable healthcare facilities, including hospitals, clinics, surgical centers, hospice homes, and many others, located throughout the nation. Whether you are looking for a locum tenens job or temporary job or a permanent career, we introduce you to employment opportunities that best suit your experience, skill, and requirements. Whether you are an entry-level CRNA or a highly experienced Nurse, we make sure you match with the most suitable employer and land a job that gives you peace of mind and satisfaction besides paying your bills.

Here’s how we help you:

  • We post a wide range of temporary healthcare jobs from different employers on our online platform. All jobs are presented in a manner that makes it easier for you to find those that best suit your profession. This helps you save the hassles of sifting various job openings
  • After finding the jobs appropriate to your career, you can apply to them by filling out a form or by directly contacting our team
  • On receiving your job application for a specific position, we carefully review it. If your skills and experience match the requirements of the employer for whom you have applied for the position, we will interview you to know more about you and assess your skills and suitability for the job. During the interview process, we may also involve the employer or directly forward your profile to them
  • After confirmation from the employer, we proceed further to ensure your joining

How Medlinks Staffing, LLC Benefits You

As a temporary healthcare employment agency in the US, our services help you in these ways:

Best job

No matter which temporary healthcare job you are looking for, be it a locum tenens physician or RN or any other, we provide you with the most appropriate employment offer that fits your exact needs and takes you to the success ladder. Our job openings from reputable employers of the US healthcare industry deliver higher pay, better satisfaction, and work-life balance, which altogether make your job enjoyable.

It’s free

Unlike other temporary medical employment agencies, we do not ask you for any fees for applying to a job opening on our platform. This is free with no hidden cost, even after you have joined a position.

No job search

Since we post healthcare jobs from all across the nation in one place, you don’t have to spend time on job hunting. All you have to do is get in touch with us, and we do the legwork for you, bringing opportunities that will be the right fit for you.

Various jobs

Not only do we specialize in temporary healthcare jobs in various healthcare facilities, including hospitals, surgical centers, clinics, and others, but we also offer temp-to-hire jobs, permanent jobs, locum tenens, and others, for a range of healthcare profiles.

How Medlinks Staffing, LLC helps healthcare employers

As the USA faces a massive shortage of healthcare workforce, healthcare organizations are failing to provide the right care to patients. As a result, not only are they lagging on emerging as a reliable source of medical care for the majority of the US population, but they are also losing out on generating revenue. However, as a temporary employment agency in the US, we provide them with the right industry talent to fill in their staff and offer care to patients. You can choose from our pool of talent to meet your staffing needs and help save the American medical culture from the crisis it is currently facing. Whether you are looking for registered nurses or specialized medical doctors, we have you covered.

Here’s how we help you:

  • We listen to your requirements and the qualities you expect in an employee to fill in a specific job position and based on them, we create a job opening on our online platform so that job seekers can find it in as little time as possible
  • Once we start receiving applications from job seekers, we carefully scrutinize each application and separate those that best fit your requirements. Also, we run a background check to ensure quality and security
  • After finding the best profiles, we involve you in the recruitment process, discussing job seekers’ profiles that may be the right fit for your organization. We may also ask you to interview our shortlisted applicants, though depending on your availability
  • After we have found you the best candidate, we proceed further and close the opening
  • If you have a job vacancy in your healthcare facility, we will help you fill it with the most talented candidate and support your aim to contribute to the healthcare of America.

Let Us Help

Whether you are a medical professional seeking an employment opportunity in a renowned healthcare organization or an employer looking to fill in the gap between staff and patient care, we are here to help you with our top-notch temporary employment services in the US.