Temp To Hire Staffing

For decades, American healthcare has been struggling with the shortage of qualified health professionals, which has disrupted the wheels of quality patient care in the country. And this shortage is thought to increase by the end of 2030, says a decent study. Plus, the number of retired health professionals is higher than the number of new medical professionals entering the industry. This simply means that healthcare organizations, from clinics to accredited surgery centers, are going to face numerous staffing challenges if the current situation is not addressed proactively. And this is where Medlinks Staffing LLC comes into the picture!

Medlinks Staffing, LLC is one of the country’s most renowned and reputable temp healthcare staffing agencies that has been working endlessly to bridge the surging gap between patient care and quality talent. We do so by bringing industry talent and healthcare employers on the same platform, allowing them to meet their needs in the best manner possible. As a temp healthcare agency, we help employers by fulfilling their temporary staffing needs, enabling them to improve their patient care. We bring them the best profiles shortlisted carefully after a rigorous screening procedure and place those profiles, if selected, in their organization.

On the other hand, as a renowned temp-to-hire job agency, we help health professionals, regardless of their age and experience; find the best job opportunities in the country’s most reputable organizations. So far, our team of highly experienced and quality recruited has placed thousands of job seekers in a range of medical organizations, from academically-affiliated hospitals to community clinics to hospice centers to many others. Our effort to bridge the gap between the lack of patient care and medical staff has ranked us as one of the top healthcare staffing agencies in the nation.

How Does Medlinks Staffing, LLC Contribute to Modern Healthcare?

With the current progressive shortage of skilled medical professionals in the US, there has been a decrease in quality and reliable patient care in the country, which is making patients go abroad for medical treatment. To address this challenge, we have built a platform where healthcare job seekers, no matter their expertise, can easily apply to the best-suited jobs opening available in healthcare facilities spanning the USA. Whether you are seeking temp-to-hire jobs in the USA or permanent, we have you covered.
Similarly, we have the back of every health organization that is associated with us. We help fill their job vacancy in as little time as possible using our temp employment services that include cutting-edge technology ever developed in the staffing industry. Our recruiters pay meticulous attention to all the legwork required to match top talent with your staffing requirements. With Medlinks Staffing, LLC by your side, both healthcare job providers and seekers can rest assured of meeting their needs.

How do we help US healthcare professionals?

Since we are associated with the nation’s best healthcare facilities, including clinics, hospitals, surgery centers, and hospice homes, we bring job seekers well-suited job offers that not only promise higher pay, but also work-life balance and better job satisfaction. Whether you are looking for a temp-to-hire job or locum tenens job, we introduce you to the best opportunities suiting your experience, skills, and requirements.

Here’s how we help you:

  • We keep our job portal updated with the best job opportunities from reputable healthcare employers. All jobs, from temp-to-hire positions to permanent ones, are placed in a simplified way to help you find suitable jobs without hassles. This also saves you from sifting hundreds of job vacancies
  • Once you find a suitable job, you apply to it by either filling the application form and submitting it or directly contacting us.
  • As soon as we get your job application, we assess it. If we find your application suitable to the job requirements, we call you for an interview to learn more about you and your skills and availability for the job. During the interview, we may also involve the healthcare employer to streamline the process. We may also sidestep the interview and directly send your profile to the employer
  • After getting approval from the employer regarding your profile, we move forward with the paperwork and ensure your placement in the organization

How Medlinks Staffing, LLC helps healthcare employers

As the US healthcare industry struggles to meet the demand of a skilled healthcare workforce, it is not only lagging in establishing itself as reliable, but it is also failing to contribute to the nation’s economy. As temp-to-hire staffing services in the US, we support the industry by providing top healthcare facilities with the right talent to improve care to patients. If you are a healthcare employer looking to meet your staffing needs, you can choose from our pool of talent and meet your needs.

Here’s how we help you:

  • We listen to your staffing requirements and the qualities you expect in a potential employee. Based on that, we post a job opening on our online portal so that employees can find it
  • After we receive job applications from candidates, we scrutinize each one of them and separate those that best suit your requirements. Plus, we perform a background check on each potential candidate to ensure quality and security
  • After shortlisting the best profiles, we loop you into the recruitment process, discussing those profiles to find the right fit for your facility. We may also ask you to interview those candidates depending on your availability
  • Once we have found the best candidate matching your needs, we proceed and close the opening

If you have a staffing need in your healthcare facility, we will help fill it and support your aim to contribute to American healthcare.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that top-notch healthcare employers want top-notch healthcare providers to optimize patient care. Considering that, we are always on our heels to meet the needs of both our clients and job seekers.

Here’s why you should choose us:

  • We have a team of skilled recruiters who have placed top talent in hundreds of top US healthcare organizations
  • We pay special attention to your requirements and employ a strict recruitment strategy to suit your needs
    We incorporate the latest recruitment technology
  • We are experienced in what we do and that has made us capable of meeting the emerging demands of modern healthcare
  • We deliver complete staffing solutions, from temp-to-hire services to permanent employment, for a range of healthcare staffing needs

Whether you are a healthcare professional seeking the best healthcare jobs in the USA or healthcare employer trying to fill your job vacancy, we are here to help. Get in touch with us today and let us make recruitment easy for you.