Medlinks HEDIS Productivity Report

“The HEDIS Solution Experts”

The HEDIS Productivity and Quality Report is a system of reporting that captures both productivity and quality of measures by combining a variety of third-party reports including timekeeping, VoIP, and client productivity and overhead data. The top portion of the report represents client targets for Abstraction, Research, Overread, Pursuit, and Secondary Pursuit. Using these targets we parse the data comparing VoIP, timekeeping, and client database data to provide you the client with data as to goals, activity, and quality. Demo available upon request.
  • HEDIS services and solutions:
  • Project management in Medlinks Productivity Tool
  • Medical Record Retrieval
  • Medical Record Abstraction
  • Member Satisfaction
  • Quality of Care
  • Increased Reimbursement through effective HEDIS results

What Are Other Factors I Should Consider?

There are two types of companies in staffing. There’s the “warm body” firms who will send an under qualified individual to do your important work. Then, there’s the company that cares about you the client AND the temporary worker. It’s this CARE that makes the difference between a great outcome and a bad outcome. Medlinks Staffing starts with hiring qualified staff and paying them a living wage. While this reduces our profit it generally assures the quality of work and thus your outcome. This is our smart approach to crossing our fingers and hoping for the best.

Download a Sample Productivity Demo Report

Download a Sample HEDIS Quality Report

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