Medlinks Staffing is a leading healthcare staffing agency committed to providing top-quality healthcare professionals for various healthcare organizations. One of the key aspects that sets them apart is their unwavering dedication to delivering excellent patient care. To ensure the highest standards of healthcare quality, Medlinks Staffing employs a rigorous HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) measure testing process, encompassing Candidate Placement, Comprehensive Tests, and Abstraction Tests. This article delves into the details of their testing procedures, showcasing the excellence of Medlinks Staffing.

  1. Candidate Placement:

Medlinks Staffing understands that the foundation of providing exceptional healthcare services lies in selecting the right candidates. Their candidate placement process is a multi-step approach designed to match the most qualified healthcare professionals with the appropriate roles. The process includes:

a. Skills and Experience Assessment: Medlinks Staffing conducts thorough assessments of each candidate’s skills and experience to ensure they meet the specific requirements of the desired position. They consider factors such as educational background, certifications, previous work experience, and specialties.

b. Behavioral and Cultural Fit: Recognizing the significance of teamwork and positive work culture in healthcare settings, Medlinks Staffing assesses the candidates’ behavioral attributes and compatibility with the organization’s values. This evaluation ensures that candidates not only possess the necessary qualifications but also have the right attitude to deliver compassionate care.

c. Competency-based Interviews: Medlinks Staffing conducts competency-based interviews to gauge candidates’ problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and ability to handle challenging situations. This helps in determining their capacity to excel in a demanding healthcare environment.

  1. Comprehensive Tests:

Medlinks Staffing is committed to upholding the highest standards of patient care, which is why they subject their candidates to comprehensive tests to validate their knowledge and proficiency. These tests cover a broad range of medical concepts and may include:

a. Medical Knowledge Assessments: Candidates are evaluated on their understanding of medical terminology, disease management, treatment protocols, and evidence-based practices. This ensures that only candidates with a strong foundation of medical knowledge move forward in the selection process.

b. Clinical Skills Evaluation: Medlinks Staffing conducts practical assessments of candidates’ clinical skills, such as patient assessment, medication administration, wound care, and other critical procedures. This step verifies their ability to provide hands-on care efficiently.

c. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Recognizing the importance of effective communication in healthcare settings, Medlinks Staffing assesses candidates’ communication and interpersonal skills. This evaluation ensures that the selected candidates can communicate clearly and empathetically with patients and their families.

  1. Abstraction Tests:

HEDIS measure abstraction is a critical component of healthcare quality assessment. Medlinks Staffing ensures that its candidates are well-versed in accurate data abstraction, which forms the basis for measuring healthcare performance. The abstraction tests may include:

a. HEDIS Measure Training: Candidates undergo thorough training on HEDIS measures and guidelines to understand the specific metrics and data points that need abstraction.

b. Data Accuracy Assessment: Medlinks Staffing conducts simulated data abstraction scenarios to assess the candidates’ accuracy and attention to detail in abstracting essential information from medical records.

c. Compliance and Reporting: To guarantee adherence to regulatory requirements and reporting standards, Medlinks Staffing assesses candidates’ knowledge of compliance protocols and their ability to generate accurate reports.


Medlinks Staffing’s commitment to excellence is evident in its rigorous HEDIS measure testing process. Through meticulous Candidate Placement, Comprehensive Tests, and Abstraction Tests, they ensure that only the most qualified and capable healthcare professionals join their ranks. Their dedication to patient care and the overall improvement of healthcare quality has earned them a reputation as a reliable and outstanding staffing agency. Medlinks Staffing continues to shine as a beacon of excellence in the healthcare staffing industry.

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