Project Support Specialist

Roseville, CA

Technical Documentation Library Project

We are building an online library (database) of medical equipment technical documents (service manuals, operator’s guides, instructions for use, installation guides, technical bulletins, etc.)

We need contingent help to do the following:1) Catalog existing service manual/technical files (pdf) residing on our file server.Cataloging means reading the title pages of the manual to obtain the manual title, version (a version number, catalog number, or publication date), type of manual (which is usually obvious in the title), and attach to the matching manufacturer and model name of the device that the document pertains to (via pick from list) 2) Enter the catalog information in our web application, navigate (browse) to the file server folder where the corresponding file is located, and upload the file into our database (click a button on the web form)3) Use Internet Explorer/Chrome to search for and download manuals that we do not have on our server. In particular, the manuals which we need the most are service manuals that have a section on maintenance activities as recommended by the manufacturer.Then use our web application to catalog and upload the downloaded file into our database4) Contact the manufacturer by phone/email to request service manuals that cannot be found via the web search and maintain a log of contact activity for follow-up action.

Skill set needed:1) Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows, Excel, Outlook, and Access2) Data entry using a database application 3) Familiarity with Internet Explorer/Chrome and web searching using Google/Bing4) Clear verbal communication for requesting information over the phone and professional written skills for communicating by email5) Ability to work independently and organize tasks for efficiency6) Optional: prior experience with technical documents/writing

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