CLS Laboratory Scientist

Livermore, CA
Salary: $48.39 /hour

CONTRACT TO HIRE – Sutter Shared Labs in Livermore, CA

Graveyard shift – 8 hour shift/40 weekly


This position performs all aspects of pre-analytic, analytic, and post-analytic activities of the laboratory path of workflow appropriate for the Clinical Laboratory section (s) to which assigned, which includes one or more of the Shared Laboratory clinical specialties. Analytical testing is performed on blood and/or body fluids, utilizing both manual and automated methods, to obtain information necessary for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Where automated methods are used, this position provides preventive maintenance for analytical equipment and performs minor adjustments and repairs.



A baccalaureate degree in clinical laboratory or related sciences, with one-year hospital and/or commercial clinical lab training in an approved program.

• Valid California Clinical Laboratory Scientist license (MTA Designation).

Experienc e :

T* wo years* recent working experience in one or more of the clinical specialties areas of the Shared Laboratory is desired.

• Experience with computers, including Microsoft, electronic mail, internet, etc.

• Experience as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist with regular assignments in areas of Hematology, Chemistry, Immunochemistry or other clinical specialty areas of the Shared Laboratory

• Experience working with a Laboratory Information System, such as Sunquest.

• Customer service and satisfactionKnowledge:

• In-depth knowledge of theory, test applications and process control of one or more of the clinical specialty areas of the Shared Laboratory.

• Knowledge of basic laboratory information technology and computer concepts is also required

Skills :

• Must be able to ensure the operational readiness of complex laboratory analyzers and methods through technical expertise and effective method management.

• Must also be able to operate analyzers and equipment to produce accurate, timely test results. • Must demonstrate an ability to effectively identify pre, post and analytic process variations and take appropriate and timely corrective action.

• Must have proven written and verbal communication skills

• Must be adept at performing a wide variety of routine and/or specialized testing using manual and automated methods with speed and extreme accuracy.

Physical Requirements :

• Mobility is required, as well as the ability to alternately sit and stand for several hours at a time.

• Must have considerable manual dexterity to accomplish such tasks as pipe ting, instrument operation/maintenance and computer data entry.

• Must possess the visual acuity to accurately distinguish shades of color, correctly differentiate between similar shapes and forms, and produce “streams” of numerical data in correct sequence.

• Must have the ability to perform computerized tasks such as word processing.

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